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    Do field comments affect extract size and performance?

    Ankush Laxmeshwar

      We are trying to create self-service capability for our users. One step in this direction is to add definitions and usage instructions for every field in the Tableau extract by right clicking on the field > Default Properties > Comment...

      The users can hover over the fields and see the comments to aid them in building their own reports.


      We have seen an increase in the extract size after implementing field comments by 2x, we know this as no other changes have been made in parallel and data size has remained fairly the same. Further, out of say 20 extracts, we have made the changes only on 5 extracts, and these 5 extracts have bloated in size.


      Please shed light on what is happening or direct me to an appropriate resource to understand this.


      Note: We are using Tableau 10.4


      Thank you.