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    Cross filtering Mutiple Data Sources

    Andy Park

      Afternoon All,


      I'm new to tableau, I've previously come from a qlikview background and I'm really struggling with something which I assume is simply.


      I have two data sources :

      • Source1 contains - fundid pno value product
      • Source2 contains - fundid fundname collection


      I have set up a dashboard with 2 worksheets :

      • worksheet1 shows the unique pno count per product and the total value in each product
      • worksheet2 shows the value of each collection


      as you can see the key field is fundid. What i'm trying to do is set the dashboard up so that :

      • I can click on the product in worksheet1 and it will filter the value/collections in worksheet2
      • I can click on the collection in worksheet2 and it will filter the count/products in worksheet1


      There is a relationship that setup automatically with fundid (which is correct). and the link symbol is showing up on the dimensions in source1 (but not the dimensions for source2)


      I've added a product filter to worksheet1 and changed filter to apply to all related data sources and i've done the same for worksheet2 but with the collection.


      on the dashboard both sheets have a white filter icon and display the text use as filter when i hover over it.


      Nothing happens when I click on a product other than it highlights in the list and the same for the collection??


      Very confused! can I only filter by the relationship variable, if so, thats pretty limiting for analysis.


      am I doing something wrong, or is this a severe limitation to tableau (one that would potentially stop me using it, and I don't want to do that!!)


      Thanks in advance. If I've not been clear, please ask me any questions you wish to clarify.



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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Andy,


          What is the relationship between [fundid] and [product]?

          What is the relationship between [fundid] and [collection]?


          One-to-One, One-to-Many, Many-to-Many?


          Why using Blend (between two different datasources)

          instead of Joining the tables ON [fundid]?

          It could be a cross-datasource join.