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    IF THEN ELSE, ELSE IF - Long Calculated Field - Help Navigating Please

    Stephen Groff

      I have 2 tables - Both from the same data source


      Table 1 is initially filtered to show me how many machines we've built.  This gives me an accurate # of machines built.  So this table is solid.


      (the second table is the exact same information, just unfiltered (left join))


      Table 2 is the same information, just unfiltered, and from this table I need to input a calculated field that identifies all my defects per machine

      (the idea being that I can take (# of defects/# of Machines) to get my Defects Per Unit


      There are many parameters that need to be met before I get to my # of defects

      [CA ID] <> "0_defects"

      [FA ID] <> "600", "700-706", "800", "900"

      [Q/V] <> "V"

      [Disposition] = null

      [Event Desc] cannot start with "0" AND cannot contain "defects"


      So far I have multiple calculations that may or may not work... but I'm trying to get them into a single calculation:



      IF STARTSWITH([Event Type-D], "0") THEN "Ignore"

      ELSEIF CONTAINS([Event Desc-D], "defects") THEN "Ignore"

      ELSE "Defect"




      IF [CA ID-D]="0_DEFECTS" then "Ignore" ELSE "Defect" END


      *does not work*

      IF [FA ID-D]="600" OR "700" OR "701" OR "702" OR "703" OR "704" OR "705" OR "706" OR "800" OR "900"

      THEN "Ignore" ELSE "Defect" END - "Can't logically "OR" boolean and string values"


      *does not work*

      IFNULL([Dispo Cd-D]) THEN "Defect" ELSE "Ignore" END - "Syntax error"


      I've justed moved over from PowerPivot and I'm racking my brain against Tableau's logic, so I'm new to all this.  If you can offer any help or advice I would appreciate it.