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    Last Week view

    Vitor da Fonseca



      Is there any way to "force" the visualisation to be on the latest weeks instead of the older weeks without using sort?


      Figure 1 display's the older week to the newer week in a correct timeline view, as you see the user can use the scroll bar to view the newer weeks until current week, ideally I would prefer for the current week to be visible and have the scroll bar to be moved to the left hand side (older weeks)



      I know that I could use the "sort" but it doesn't seems a right timeline as it looks "up side down"




      Any help and All help is very much appreciated.


      Kind regards,

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          Sasha Hanna

          Hi Vitor,

          My recommendation would be to remove the scroll bar altogether because this is not user friendly. There are a couple of ways to do by resizing the view inside a container. Step 1 select the chart and in the toolbar either opt for fit width or entire view.

          Step 2 (Optional) you may have to increase or adjust the dashboard size. Food for thought: Size and Lay Out Your Dashboard

          Hope this helps.



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            Vitor da Fonseca

            Hi Sasha,


            Many thanks for the tips, done the first one, and for the Volume chart it works perfectly, but the same cannot the said for the tables, this is a screenshot of the dashboard, your comments are more than welcomed, currently the dash size is set at; 1820 x 1080



            as you can see, is quite a busy dash :-(, not sure if I can resize it, and contains what my stakeholder preferences...


            Thanks in advance,

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              Alvino Vaz

              Hi Vitor da Fonseca,


              You can use the following steps instead of sorting.

              • Right Click on the axis and select Edit Axis

              • Select The check box as shown below.This will reverse the scale.


              To avoid scroll bar :-

              Hope this helps solve your problem;




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                Sasha Hanna

                Hi Vitor,

                Glad that worked for that chart! There is no real way to fit 52 weeks worth of numbers across in a table and removing the scroll bar... You could try making a grid maybe using the module function (Making Friends With Modulo % ) but really the better way to see the complete picture would be to convert it into a line chart. I suppose the stakeholders require tables and that's really a long discussion for another time.


                So what you could do is try to minimise the size of the table as much as possible by formatting the week names to a short form, for example "Wk1" or rotating labels, and also you could start with a pre-filtered view, so when you publish already select the last x weeks so that the scroll-bar does not appear.


                I would also remove the churn table because it looks like these numbers marry up to the totals in the churn type table. This is duplicating information and creating yet another scroll-bar. Did you know you can move totals to the top?