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    Pie chart default color

    Daniel Jung



      I want to know how I can change the default color used for the pie when it's sorted a certain way.


      What I have is a list of organizations and facilities. One organization can have many facilities.


      The way I create my pie chart is I categorize every facility as either "Good" or "Bad".


      So I have a [Assessment KPI] that returns either "Good" or "Bad" depending on the aggregated data from some other columns.

      My dimension is either [Facility Name] or [Organization Name].


      What I do to create my pie chart is I drag the [Facility Name] or [Organization Name], for this example let's just say I drag the [Organization Name] and the [Assessment KPI] into the color tile on the marks pane. As shown below:



      Then what I do is move the [Assessment KPI] above the [Organization Name] pill, as shown below:



      Then what I do is I sort by clicking on the Organization pill and selecting 'Sort...', click the 'Field' radio button under 'Sort by' and select 'Assessment KPI'. The result looks like below:



      So at this point the pie chart groups all organizations by 'Bad' or 'Good' and assigns a different gradient for each individual organization.


      My question is how can I change the default colors chosen when Tableau creates a pie in this way? I would like to display 'Good's as gradients of green and 'Bad's as gradients of red.

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          nikher verma

          Hi Daniel Jung ,


          I am not sure why you are doing it this way , but instead of this you could have created a field "Good" and "Bad" and drag that field to color in marks .Once you are done doing that


          You can see ,you can change the color from that color card (Activity card  ),over there click on drop down and you will get edit color.

          And from here you can change the color.


          Try doing this way ,and if i misunderstood something please attach the twbx file.