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    Scatter chart with linear lines

    Andrew Lemon

      Hello All,

      I hope this message finds you all well.

      I have a question regarding adding linear segments or lines to an existing scatter graph on the attached.

      I have pasted a picture below to hopefully better illustrate what I'm after. As you can see, on my x axis I have Invoice value and on the y axis I have discount percentage.

      On the picture below, you can see 3 distinct  quadrants (red, yellow and green)-

      (please ignore the yellow, green, purple, and red, "step lines" that are show on the picture below).


      A little background, my managements wants to "call out" those transactions that are in the "red" section. This is primarily where we give a high discount on small revenue transactions. We also want to highlight the "green" area where we give a relatively low discount for high revenue transactions.


      Is it possible to draw a linear 45 degree line from 0M to 100M (red section) and another linear line from 25K to 100M (green section)? This would then create the three quadrants I'm looking for.


      I hope I'm not being to vague or confusing.


      All help is appreciated.