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    Tooltip not showing

    rishabh kumar



      I had added a Calculated Field value to my tooltip and the chart is stacked bar chart. However, when I hover my mouse on the bars (in the chart) that calculative field value in tooltip does not show for all the bars. The value is visible only for 4 bars and not the remainig 3 bars in the chart.


      Could anyone assist why the value in tooltip is not showing and how can I make it work. Thank You.

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          ShivaRam Chennapragada

          Could you attach the workbook with sample data? I had similar problem but I fixed it, not sure if yours is the same thing.

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            rishabh kumar

            Shivram, thank you for your response. Its a big workbook with lot of sensitive data, so I cannot share it across.


            However, if you can navigate me with what you did then I can try to replicate it.


            To give more details as to what I am doing is below:

            1) I have created stacked bar chart with using 4 measure values and the aggregation that I have used is SUM while plotting the chart. For example: there are 4 measure values such as A, B, C, and D. So in my stacked bar chart the aggregation that is present is SUM(A), SUM(B), SUM(C), and SUM(D).

            2) Then I have created a calculated field called Total Sum and it is basically: [A]+[B]+[C]+[D]

            3) Then I have dragged the Total Sum (from step 2) to tooltip, so that in the stacked bar chart I can see the sum for A, B, C, and D per each year(from 2012 to 2018) and when I hover my mouse over to any particular year bar it shows the value of that category and also the total sum for that year. For example: say there are 7 bars representing each year from 2012 to 2018. Then lets say we are looking at only 2012 year bar. So this bar chart has stack values of A, B, C, and D which forms the total bar for 2012. So when I am hovering my mouse to the bar to see the tooltip value it is showing the respective value of either A or B or C or D but it is not showing the total sum value in the tooltip.


            The issue is the total sum value does shows in tooltip for the bar with the year 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 but not for the bars 2012, 2013, and 2014.

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              ShivaRam Chennapragada

              Try this formula in your calculated field 'Total Sum'


              { FIXED [Year]: SUM([Tourism Inbound])}


              Drag it to tooltip and see if it works.