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    How do I write the following without FOR statements?

    Michael Niven

      So let's say I have a dataset with the following:


      COLUMN A               COLUMN B    

      Fiscal Period             Total Sales

      201801                      1

      201802                      3

      201803                      19

      201804                      5

      201805                      6


      I am trying to create 3 calculated fields that sum the above as follows:


      • Latest Period
      • Last 4 Periods
      • Year-to-Date


      How would I get it to do this? I noticed Tableau doesn't seem to have FOR statements. Below is my thought process if FOR statements were possible (feel free to correct me):


      1. Create a Calculated field, "Max Period".
           {Fixed:max([Fiscal Period])}


      Latest Period:

      FOR(INT([Max Period]) = INT([Fiscal Period]))

           SUM([Total Sales]


      Last 4 Periods:

      FOR(INT([Fiscal Period]) >= [Max Period] - 3)

           SUM([Total Sales])



      FOR(LEFT([Fiscal Period]),4) = "2018")

           SUM([Total Sales])


      I think this logic is right, but I'm wondering how to get it to translate this correctly into Tableau? My desired output (well, a very simplified version) is as follows:



      Latest PeriodLast 4 PeriodsYear-to-Date