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    Error Tableau Server WMS

    Julian Uribe


      Somebody can help me with this error. I dont know if it's with Tableau server 10.5  but happen with every dashboard with WMS (maps).

      Thank you.

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          Hello Julian,


          I've moved this post to Server Administration , where your question would probably get more replies.





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            Yuriy Fal

            Hi Julian,


            From the error text it looks like your Tableau Server host

            couldn't recognise the DNS name ows.terrestris.de as a valid one.


            It may be network connectivity issues, or your TS host may be configured

            to have a restricted access to external hosts/nets.

            Please ask your network admin about it.


            Also, you may want to check if the issue is linked specifically to your TS

            by opening your workbook in question from the Tableau Desktop copy

            running on the same host where your Tableau Server is running.

            Please ask your TS admin for help with installing TD on the host and testing.