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    How to show lack of statistical base on survey data

    Luciana Junqueira



      On this survey dataset, I have 5 cultural activity displayed by gender female and male.

      Here whichever count of response I get is valid but If a second filter is applied to the gender results and the count number is below 30 respondents than the graph has to show that for the specific result it has lost its statistical basis.

      For the caption I wrote a simple formula :

      IF COUNT([GOING group]) < 30  THEN "▼" ELSE " " END

      The problem is that the ▼ icon will appear for any count below 30 but it should only appear for the second filter result; results by X filter divided by Y filter.


      Over the past year, I've worked with this survey data from 12 cities in Brazil.

      I have watched many of the introductory "how-to" videos and search for answers here in the community but not many calculations can be applied to survey data.


      I greatly appreciate any help or suggestions,   I look forward to further learning what is possible in Tableau