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    Tableau Server Once Daily Data Alerts - Once a day versus once every 24 hours?

    Christopher Glaros

      Hello I'm working with Tableau Server 10.4 and have a question on data alerts.


      My questions:

      1. Does the Data Alert option "Daily at Most" mean once every 24 hours?

      2. If it does, would VizAlerts let me achieve my objective?

      3. If it doesn't, any ideas for troubleshooting?


      My objective:

      I'm tracking the progress of a near daily overnight business process.

      That process will complete nearly every day.

      I want to send an email when the process completes every morning with a subject line that indicates it was completed.

      Since the status will be complete until the next day starts, I only want to send the email once a day.

      By day, I mean a day starting midnight eastern time, but UTC or GMT would likely work too due to the nature of the data.


      What I've done:

      I've gotten just about everything to work on the data alert EXCEPT


      My problem:

      In Tableau Server 10.4.0 I selected the option for Daily at Most.

      It worked beautifully the first time and triggered as expected. (Data is on a 15 minute extract cycle)

      However, the next day it triggered 3 hours late and it appears to be late because it was almost exactly 24 hours after the first time it triggered. (Which basically violates the requirements)

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          Matt Coles

          1. No. The check will run hourly, even when you pick "daily at most". When you pick that, and it is triggered, any further alerts are suppressed until 24 hours later. So the alert will not run at a specific time each day, but will end up "drifting" over time due to the way the suppression is being handled.


          2 & 3. Yes. But you might consider Conditional Subscriptions as an out-of-the-box solution. It would allow for the same kind of conditional alerting you want, but it will run when you schedule it--namely, the Schedule you pick for the subscription. VizAlerts would be something to look into when you also want to email a dynamic set of recipients based on certain data conditions and/or customize the content and attachments within the emails themselves.

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            John Murray

            Matt - Thank you for the response to Christopher's original question.  As I had a similar question/issue with the data alert schedule I wanted to add to this discussion.


            I have a dashboard that updates daily but at different times each day as my source data comes from another program and the run time varies by day.


            I have multiple refreshes daily (every 15 minutes between 7am and 10am) and when the data is updated this is picked up in one of these refreshes, but this can be at a different time each day.


            I created an 'invisible' chart within my dashboard based on a calculated field which is the max date within the source data set compared to today's date.   I was able to set a conditional alert to generate an email if the value is one or less (meaning data from prior day is now available) and set it to fire daily at most.   This worked the first day, similar to Christopher's experience, but not immediately on the second day.


            I expected the daily alert to reset each day at midnight - not every 24 hours.  As explained in Matt's response above, this alert will only trigger after 24 hours have passed, when I need something that will trigger daily on the first instance each day, even if if is less than 24 hours from yesterday's alert.


            I would suggest that there should be two options here - one option for the alert to trigger once every 24 hours (which is the existing option)  and one every day (resets at midnight), which would allow the first instance the trigger fires each calendar day to generate an email.