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    Organizaton hierarchy with MPTT

    Steeve Werren

      Hi the community!


      I have a DB with a table for Organization information like this:


      I have a parent-child relationship on this table.


      I implemented the MPTT algorithm (Storing Hierarchical Data in a Database, Part 2 — SitePoint) so it's because of that that I have left, right and depth column.


      I tried to create a view/dashboard with the following things:

      • Have a filter Org_name parent
      • Show all the organization and sub-organization into my Org_Name parent (according to the filter)


      I know how a can do the trick in ASP.NET (with Entity Framework) to have the complet list of all org and sub-org into my selected parent org. The trick in ASP.NET is like this:


      var org_tree_query = db.T_Organisation.Where(node => node.Org_Lft >= parent.Org_Lft && node.Org_Lft <= parent.Org_Rgt)
                          .OrderBy(node => node.Org_Lft);


      How I can reach my goal with Tableau?


      Thank you in advance!