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    Color Gradient

    Vipul Singh

      Hi Folks,


      While creating a customized color gradient legend, I came across a problem of not having the legends look alike as of default legend which tableau creates automatically. Is there any way by which I can achieve the same look of my customized legend as of default tableau legend.

      To help you understand better, I have attached the images for default legend and customized legend.




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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning


          this is the appearance of the filter when it is created using discrete steps



          if you want it to be a continuous gradation the Don't select stepped color





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            Hello Vipul,


            Looks you have customized the legend using Stepped Color, not pretty much sure.


            Do you think the workbook can be added here?




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              Zhouyi Zhang

              Hi, Vipul


              When you create your custom palette, do you set the type as 'ordered-sequential'?


              below is example:


              <color-palette name="Classic Orange" type = "ordered-sequential">

              <color>#7b3014</color> <color>#a33202</color> <color>#d74401</color> <color>#f06511</color> <color>#fd8938</color> <color>#fdab67</color> <color>#f0c294</color>