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    Measure icons as filters

    Lucie Brett

      Hey everyone,


      I am looking for ideas to show some measures as icons which can be used to filter a dashboard (the other option would be to pivot my data so that measure values becomes a dimension but for now, I don't want to do that).


      So imagine I am using superstore data and I would like there to be icons to click on to show either discount, profit, quantity etc. in all of my charts/maps. I could use a parameter and calculated field to achieve the same result however the request is to have icons rather than a drop-down menu but as far as I know, this is only achievable as a dimension (e.g. segment or category values are the icons).


      In my real dashboard, I have got the icons on the dashboard using a second data source but I have no way of connecting the two data sources at the moment due to the list of dimensions in my second data source being measures in my first.


      Hope my problem is understandable, would love to hear if anyone has achieved. My google and forum search hasn't helped so far!


      Thanks in advance