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    Tableau 10.3: SUM records after a true condition is met

    Bradley Smith

      Hi Team,


      Trying to Sum values as a new field: New Occurrences but want to keep the record where field is true


      Tried to do: Date of PDN = { FIXED [Associate]:max(if PDN= true then [Date] end )}<[Date] and then New Occurrences = IF MAX([Date of PDN]) = TRUE then SUM([Occurrences]) END but its only returning the Occurrence value of the records and not SUMMING them.


      In the below example I want to keep 10/25/2017 record  and SUM the following records to 7


      Any ideas of why? Eventually I am going to set SUM(New Occurrences) >= 3 to 'Y'

      Best Regards,

      Brad Smith