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    Creating a historical analysis on the dataset

    Niklas Leminen

      Dear community,

      In our ticket database, we see the opening and closing date of a ticket. The question is, how we could use Tableau so, that we can see the amount of tickets aged more than 7 days for each week on the same graph?


      Attached you can find an example done with Excel.


      This could be done with creating a matrix, where we see with if -statement, if a ticket is over one week old at a given week:

                Week1     Week2     Week3

      Inc1     1               0               1

      Inc2     0               1               1

      Inc3     0               1               0


      For one week we can then calculate the sum. This is however suboptimal, because one would need to create a calculation for each week.


      Is there a more scalable way to do this? Could this be done with custom SQL?