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    Set parameter as local filter

    John Duff

      Hello! I am working on a dashboard that was originally built by another team. There is a parameter that is being used to filter the data being shown on one of the sheets. This is working as designed. However, this parameter is also filtering information on other sheets being used for summary statistics, which we would like to retain its original values and not be updated with changes in the parameter. How can this parameter be set to only filter the data shown on the one particular sheet? Is there a way to set the parameter as a local filter?


      Unfortunately, the dashboard contains sensitive data, so I will not be able to share the dashboard. This dashboard was created in Tableau version 10.2. Thank you in advance for your help!!

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          Zhouyi Zhang

          Hi, John


          I think the parameter may be involved in both calculation of the worksheet. what I could suggest is in your summary worksheet, don't apply the parameter in your calculation, or if the calculation is the same one, probably duplicate the calculation and get rid of the parameter from the duplicated one and apply to your summary worksheet.



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            Jim Dehner

            Hi John

            Parameters in Tableau are static values set by the user that are global - i.e. are constant across the entire workbook until manually changed by the user - -

            so you can use them in the formulas or filters where you want to use them - they can be used in multiple formulas or multiple filter - you don't need to apply the filter all sheets -