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    Working with multiple dates in one chart

    Sean osean

      Hello all,

      I am working on the requirement to create a Tabular chart. The join is very complicated with about 13-14 tables. Following is the dashboard / sheet should look like in a chart format. Unfortunately, i cant post the twbx or extract.


      The issue here is the data coming from different date filters and they all need to be in one chart. Example



      app date
        1 :--  filter data for manual appr%,
        disc 1, auto 1, auto 2
      App date 2 :- Filter datA for
        App #, Offer %, avg. time, auto 1
      App date 3  :-- book1, book2, book3, R1, R2
      App date 4 :-- Loss, Earn,


      I can't do union. Can I create calc. field to bring in the data in this format ? Or what's the best solution ?


      Thanks in advance.


      Month format201801201712201801201712201801201712.00201801.00201712.00201801.002018 02
      App #3,54554,5623,54535,4543,543,512212271,9362,45553,24524,532
      Appr %20.0%10.0%5.0%8.0%45.0%12.0%14.0%75.0%45.0%78.0%
      Offer %1.2%4.2%3.2%54.0%21.0%1.0%56.0%85.0%2.0%1.0%
      Manual Appr %5.0%2.0%2.0%4.0%56.0%12.0%21.0%54.0%54.0%54.0%
      disc 121.0%21.0%21.0%21.0%54.0%12.0%54.0%56.0%91.0%20.0%
      avg. time70122156411054545421
      Auto 112.0%56.0%1.0%1.0%2.0%2.0%4.0%5.0%5.0%2.0%
      Auto 26.0%59.7%70.9%71.2%69.9%70.1%17.2%19.1%48.3%49.9%
      book 26.5%8.3%2.4%2.5%1.8%1.8%27.7%39.4%8.6%11.2%
      book 319.3%25.1%21.9%21.8%28.0%28.1%33.3%47.0%18.6%24.4%
      Book 46%7%8%8%9%9%6%6%5%5%