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    Viewing previous month's data in bullet graph while filter selects a specific month

    Damanjit Hundal

      Hi everyone,


      I've tried a few different ways to get to the solution, but I find myself stuck. The user is able to select a specific month using a filter option that will show data for that month. I want to be able to show the selected month's data, as well as the previous month's data in a bullet graph. I tried using table calculations, but only the one selected month is in the view, so I don't know if I can just the lookup() function. I also don't know if I can use a parameter to filter the data because the underlying data source will be updated and the parameters won't automatically update. I don't know if I can use index() with the lookup() function either because I have various other measures that I didn't include in the workbook.


      In this specific example, I want to show the Calls Answered % as a bullet graph. For example, for Group #1 if the user selects February as the month, the main bar will show Calls Answered % as 63%,  but I also want a lighter shade to show the previous months value (January) as 62%. The red line is the target of 95%.


      Is there anyway to look at the previous month's value this way? If there is any clarification needed on what I'm asking, please don't hesitate to ask because I think I might not be explaining myself fully.


      Any insight on where to start will be extremely helpful. I'm using Tableau version 10.3.


      Thank you very much,