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    Danielle Howard

      I'm an administrator for Tableau Online and am trying to create some custom views based on users and views over various time horizons.  I went to the "Status" tab, clicked on "Actions by Specific User" and downloaded the data from the chart "What Actions is this User Taking?".  In the downloaded data, there are three time periods: Created At, Created At Local, and Created At Local 6 Hour.  Here's what one row looks like:

      I'm pretty sure this user was not accessing views at 1:47 AM, so I don't think Created At Local is actually our local time - how can I find out what time zone this represents so I can convert it to the Central time zone?

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          Matt Coles

          Use DATEADD to the appropriate number of hours from the time you see, which is in UTC. That will either be CST or CDT, depending on the time of year, so either -6 or -5, respectively. I actually use a "Timezone" parameter on my data sources that connect to the Tableau Server PostgreSQL database because it makes switching timezones pretty easy. You can just download one, copy the parameter, and paste it into your own workbook, then do the date match with the offset it represents.

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