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    If status of an item changes over time, how can we track it?

    Malini Ram



      I have data similar to this

                          Month End     Status

      Server A          2017-12     Live

      Server A          2018-01     Pending_decom

      Server A          2018-02     Pending_decom

      Server B          2017-12     Pending_decom

      Server B          2018-01     Pending_decom

      Server B          2018-02     Pending_decom

      Server C          2017-12     Live

      Server C          2018-01     Live    

      Server C          2018-02     Pending_decom


      I am trying to count how many servers have been in Pending_decom for a month, Pending_decom for two months, Pending_decom for three months, etc.  I can get a count of how many servers are currently in pending_decom state but that doesn't help produce any KPI's.  Thanks!