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    Plan Vs Actual and Variance-Tickets Management

    vijay vag

      Hi Folks,


      I have created and attached a worksheet to understand the work volumes of Incidents and Service request created.


      Actual value, will be the actual numbers(distinct count of tickets for every Request Category) from the days selected in the filter(NO avg,NO sum, just the distinct count)

      Plan value,  will be calculated based on the  the number of days selected in the filter. For example, if [Select View:Daily] 7 days is selected, then actual no of tickets for 7 days will be counted and plan will be avg per day for the last 6 months * 7 will be calculated.

      Basically multiplied by whatever is selected in the filter.

      Another example will be, if [Select View:Weekly] 3 is selected, then actual will be the count of tickets for 3 weeks and plan will be avg per week for the last 6 months * 3.


      To achieve this dashboard I have derived the below formulas, but i am not confident enough about the Plan value and variance it shows on the dashboard.


      Plan Val: ({ FIXED [Request Category]:COUNTD([Job ticket id])}/[plan avg. by]) * ([Last]*-1)

      Variance: ([Actual Val]-SUM([Plan Val]))/[Actual Val]


      It would be great if someone can help me out here and confirm if the numbers & calculations I have achieved are all correct.

      I am not able to trust the numbers. Also if there is any other way through which I could represent it will be nice to see.

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello vijay,


          Are you seeking assistance with this request still?  This was a few weeks back and you were looking for verification of numbers.  I suggest utilizing a crosstab view to verify numbers and walk through the calculations and expected values for a few of your data marks.



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            vijay vag

            Hi Patrick,


            Thank you for responding. Yes, I am still looking for assistance on this issue that i am facing.

            I did verify the numbers, but the main issues is that i want someone to make sure that the formulas I am using are correct and that is the only reason I have attached my workbook here.

            If the variance I am using is correct or should there be a correction to it?, if I should use percentile or Percent of total to display the variance?

            If you could take a look and help me out, it would be great.