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    What to do when the "apply to worksheets" option is not visible for a filter on a dashboard?

    Ahsas Ranjan



      I'm creating a sales dashboard in which I'd like two worksheets ('Metrics at Brick Level', and 'Brick Potential Analysis') to change their display based on a single filter for the 'product' dimension (via a drop-down menu titled 'Select Product' on the dashboard).


      Normally, I would easily do this via the "Apply to Worksheets" option, but this option is not visible for this filter. So right now, I have the same filter appearing twice, once for each worksheet. (See image)



      I think this might be because the filter is a table calculation, rather than an ordinary measure or dimension (see image).




      I had to do this rather than simply normally using the 'product' dimension because several of my measures are also table calculations, and these calculations stopped working correctly if I filtered using the 'product' dimension (e.g. percent of total became 100% when filtered as an individual product) - using the lookup table calculation has solved that problem, but has now created another one!


      I've attached the Tableau workbook in case my explanation is unclear. I'd appreciate it if anyone can please point me in the right direction on how to fix this.