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    Dimension Calculation for Top 5 Excluding Others

    Kaitlyn Hoppal



      My data set has market share for a list of 20+ vendors. One of the vendors in the list is called "Others." I want to show the top 5 vendors, but often the Others category shows in the top 5 and I do not want this (see table example below). I cannot filter it out because that will cause errors in the total market sum and in the market share calculations. 


      Two questions:

      1. How do I see top 5 vendors but exclude the Others category from the top 5 calc?

      2. How can I get the total market line to sum all vendors in the market? Not just top 5 vendors and include the others category.


      Vendor DimensionUnitsMarket Share
      Vendor A (top ranked)3113.8%
      Vendor B (second ranked)2310.2%
      Others (third ranked)198.4%
      Vendor C (fourth ranked)114.8%
      Vendor D (fifth ranked)94%
      Total Market225100%