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    What is roll of Tableau Server?


      Quick Question:

      I have Tableau Desktop 10.4.1

      I also have Tableau Server 10.1.1

      I created packaged work book and saved on different server
      other than Tableau Server.

      What will get stored on Tableau Server for that packaged
      workbook? When I open the workbook it is taking long time. It has about 4 Million

      Is there anything Tableau Server has to do with this? .tde
      stored on different server. The database also on a different server. What kind
      of data will store on Tableau Server?


      -Priti Shah

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          Chris McClellan

          It sounds like you have 2 servers - and the TDE is on a different server to Tableau Server ?


          It doesn't make much sense, maybe a diagram to explain it better ?


          BUT, I would always suggest that the TDE must be on the Tableau Server - maybe not a packaged workbook, but not on a separate server.  4 million records is a "moderate" size, but if it's not on the Tableau Server or the workbook isn't designed efficiently then it could be VERY slow