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    Dimension and measures puzzle

    Patti P

      Hi everyone,


      I've been trying for hours to figure out what is going on here.  I have read similar material but nothing seems to help.



      *** Unfortunately I can't share the data*** if you need more information I am happy to provide all answers as you are all helping me.


      Needed outcome:


      Need to group items by the last time it was purchased, I need this to be flexible enough to drive different visualizations, I think I was able to accomplish this by creating this calculated field:


      The problem is this only applies the description to each item, but does not group them.  Also this field is in my measures as a discrete measure and won't allow me to convert it to a dimension

      Below are screenshots of what it looks like when I'm using this field and the error I get when I try to add grand totals to the columns.



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          Peter Fakan

          Hi Patti,


          In order to 'group' them, try moving the pill to the extreme left side of the rows area


          The totals will be on the measure not the dimension, but you should be able to identify the different subtotals and grandtotals once you have moved the Purchase Flag pill to the left more





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            Patti P

            Hi Peter,


            Unfortunately that didn't work, there are items that are purchased in all of the locations, but some locations have not purchased them in 3 years, while others have not purchased them in 3 months.  I tried putting the Purchase Flag in the columns but only one flag appears which is incorrect.


            Hopefully someone will chime in with some insights, but thank you so much for trying to help me.

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              Eric Hammond

              Hi Patti,


              Take a look at the Marks shelf and verify that nothing there is assigned to detail.   Also, it might be that the error message is not referring to  [Purchase Flag], but to the amount field (that has $3,211, $135, etc).  Finally, consider temporarily removing ItemID, Item, and GL Location until you are comfortable that Purchase flag is aggregating as desired.

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                Patti P

                Hi Eric,


                This is what happens when i do what you suggested:



                The Amount field is a continues field (not calculated), I'm at a loss