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    Viz in ToolTip Maps

    Tim Dines

      Can anyone tell me if I am doing something wrong?  I have created a map with a MapBox map as my background.  When users roll over the stars on the map they are presented with either a regional map or a map with a radius circle for that point.  My issue is that the tooltip maps only work using the Tableau map background.  Is there no way to have the MapBox map show in the tooltip?

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          Sarah Battersby

          Hi Tim,


          I'm not sure what the problem is that you're seeing on your end  - the maps with the MapBox tiles show up in the tooltips for me when I open your TWBX.  It looks to me like all of the maps use MapBox tiles; I didn't see any using the Tableau map background to use as a comparison point.  AFAIK there shouldn't be any difference in how the worksheet appears as a a viz in tooltip based on the map tiles.


          I also noticed in your workbook that I couldn't open many of the vizes because of this error - I don't know what in the data or worksheet is triggering it so didn't try to debug it. 



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            Mike Mainzer

            I can see them. Maybe a slow connection? Viz in tooltip takes quite a bit.

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              Tim Dines

              Thanks Sarah. I think the issue is with the firewall on our Tableau Server. I discovered that it worked correctly on Tableau Public so I have it there for now.


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