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    Sum of variables across multiple dimensions

    Kevin Slattery

      Hello! Don't know if I'm explaining this issue accurately via the title, but:


      -I have different dimensions in my data for program referrals from a nonprofit -- it's represented as Referral1, Referral2, Referral3, etc. Some entries may have six different referrals, others may have none. The possible types of referrals & their labels don't change (i.e. "preschool" or "support group") but the order they're in & whether or not a referral is given may change.


      In its original form in Excel, it would look like this:



      Participant ID#Referral1Referral2Referral3
      1234Home VisitingPreschoolSupport Group
      5678PreschoolWelfare Assistancenull
      8909Support Groupnullnull




      I can't figure out in Tableau how to get a simple sum of the # of times "Preschool" occurs throughout all the referrals combined. Trying to do a table calculation but can't seem to get it right.