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    kamran munib


      the tree map should filter the bar chart. can someone help me in that?

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          Hi Munib,


          I could not open the file iam using a older version hope the link mentioned helps you what you need.....

          Sheet Swap with Action Filters...the simple version!



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            Jim Dehner


            Didn't you post this the other day - the issue with the data in the bar chart is that it is not dependent on Country only Date (that is what is in the data set)

            there is not a tie to region or country needed to parse the data


            If the actual data has country or region as a dimension then add that to the data set and you will be able to establish a relationship



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              Michael Hesser

              Hello kamran munib;


              Imagine trying to link a graph of car colors and a chart of car models-- but when you don't have a table that tells which color of cars exist... it's down right impossible without something that links them.


              I think that's what you have here.


              In order for your heat map to filter the bar chart, you will need to filter by shared Dimensions.

              Unfortunately, your Table 3 does not include Segmento or Sexo-- the key fields in the heat map.


              Table 3 will need these additional fields so you can determine how many accounts were associated to each break.


              While you HAVE linked Table 3 and Extract1 by date, this is not helpful since the dates are the same for Segmento and Sexo (the 28th of each month).


              I believe to have the interactive action that you want, it would be best to combine Extract1 and Table 3. In this way, you can create a heat map, create a bar chart, and dynamically filter the bar chart-- limiting it only to selections in your heat map.


              I hope this isn't too confusing?