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    Editing relationship between two sheets from same data sources to show a single filter on the dashboard


      Hi ,

      I have a small issue with the editing relationship between same data sources.

      I have two custom sql queries in two different sheets. Both the custom sql queries come from the same data source.  I cannot join the two queries because of many to many relationships.  So here is the issue, I have one table (table 1)  that has year starting from current year July to next year June calling it a Fiscal year. So, the one query which already has the fiscal year is good, and I can pull employee’s salary paid within that fiscal year. The other table, which is a little corky, is the table ( table 2), which has the salary changed as on an effective date. Meaning, if there has been any change in the salary due to fulltime/parttime  or change of position, there is a change in the salary and only that effective date is captured. I sorted out a couple of issues and got the two custom queries ready. So I am trying to join the Fiscal year from one table( table 1) to the Fiscal year  which is a calculated field based on the effective dates in the other table (table 2) .

      Now I am creating a dashboard and I need a single option to click within the filters and when I do, I should have data for that one fiscal year. I have done that for employee ID that is common ID in both tables, which came from the tables within the custom sql queries by using Data blending and editing relationships. I am unable to join the Fiscal year and I don’t know why . Do you have a solution ? I am working on Tableau  10.5