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    Relative Date and Custom Date filter

    Marina Grandić

      Hello everybody!


      I have a request that when the workbook is opened it shows last 6 months data graph, but still has functionality to select specific Time Period. Any idea how to accomplish this?

      I have tried something like this: How to default your Tableau dashboard to yesterday | Alex Katona: Online Portfolio and this:Custom Dates AND Relative Dates as a Selection on a Single View but I didn't want use start and end date parameter because I don't want to have a calendar selection since underlying data are aggregated to the monthly level (I want the user to select a time period in mmmm/yyyy format not click on specific date, as with date parameters) . So I used Quick Filter for Data range, but it hasn't worked since the quick filter overrides parameter selection.


      I recreated what I have done so far with sample data.


      Thank you very much!