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    Auto refresh live connection

    Gousia Mulla



      Can any one please tell me how to auto refresh live connection in tableau, so that the dashboard is refreshed after every n mins without a single click.

      Any method other than embedding html file and java script?

      Thanks in advance.



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          Jeff Strauss

          Hmmmm.  I was going to say embedding / javascript, but then you excluded this as an option.  But this is how we do it where I work.  The reason you need this is because the dashboard is rendered on the client's browser, and until there is any such trigger mechanism, then there is no way to refresh.  One thought is to use actions within the dashboard, but even for this, the user needs to hover or select.

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            Nathan Panuco

            How will this be used? If its going to sit on a TV screen and show current status, you use a 3rd-party browser plugin to automatically refresh the page and use the URL parameter :&refresh=yes to fetch fresh data with each page refresh.