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    Filtering using two datasources without any common data but same field names.

    Thiru buddha

      Hi ,


      I am a newbie to tableau, I am facing a problem with filtering option while using 2 different datasources.


      I have 2 datasources (connected from SQL server with Live connection), say Reporting_17 hitting year 17 data and Reporting_18 hitting year18 data. importing the data through a custom sql.


      each datasource has its own campaign id's and campaign names. Lets say


      DS 1:

      campaign id: 1, 2

      campaign name: A,B


      campaign id:3,4campaign name:C,D


      no date is common, but date rane is common for about 10 days,(eg:Yr17 date and yr18 data has 10 days common).


      I need a help while filtering data in dashboard. I am setting a data range for yr18 data , then for campaign filter i can see all the campaign in yr18, but when I am selecting yr17 date range couldnt find any campaigns in campaign filter as I am not linking any field nor i am blending any data.


      Anyone please help me on this.