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    Problem using Fixed LOD

    Albert Dorfman



      I created a graph that showed the # of sales records that appeared every year. I then filtered to only the e-commerce channel, and I got the following graph. This isn't exactly what I wanted because I wanted to know e-commerce sales per year as a % of the total sales in that year. E.g. if we had 100 sales in 2012 and 10 e-commerce sales, the bar would be at 10%.



      In order to try to do this, I used a fixed LOD expression, but I still wasn't getting what I wanted.


      In the graphs below, evidently the number of records changes every year (bottom graph) , but the percentage graph (top graph stays the same, when it should be changing.


      The top graph is made up of the following calculations:


      Calculation 1: {fixed[Year]: SUM([Number of Records])}

      Calculation 2: SUM([Number of Records]) / SUM([Calculation1])


      I also have an e-commerce filter on here as you can see in the left. In plain english, here's what I want to happen for each year (example given for 2012)


      E-commerce sales in 2012 / total sales in 2012



      Any help would be appreciated.