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    Filter by values then results split into dates

    Desmond soh


      1) I first filtered the User Name (eg GBI-138, GBI-403 etc) by those whos SUM(Amount) is greater than 100,000



      2) Next when i expanded the years by clicking the + in YEAR, GBI-195 is missing from the table because the SUM(Amount) in its respective quarter is less than 100,000.


      How do I not apply this SUM(Amount) filter for only these set of datas after SUM(Amount) filter on all the data? I can't seem to add to context this SUM(Amount) filter as well. Please help. Thank you

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          Wesley Magee


          Have you tried an LOD calculation? You could first calculate the SUM(Amount) for each User at the User level and then use that as a filter. The calcuation would look like this:


          {FIXED [User Name] : SUM(Amount)}


          This will always look at the Total Amount for each user instead of the quarterly amount. Drop this onto the Filters shelf. Let me know if I misunderstood the problem.



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