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    My Power Trend Line kung-fu is weak!  Seeking guidance from wise old master!

    Erik Wempa

      Good day to you all (except that one guy...he knows who he is and what he did).


      I'm trying to test this Power Trend Line functionality in Tableau Desktop 10.5.2.


      I created a simple line graph:  Continuous month of a date field along my bottom axis, summed sales going up the left side.


      I click my Analytics Pane, drag TREND LINE onto my viz, and go to select Power Trend, but the sucker is greyed out.  LINEAR, POLYNOMIAL and EXPONENTIAL are all available to me, ready to represent on my worksheet, but POWER is greyed out (as is LOGARITHMIC, on a side note).


      I've searched high and low, but I can't find any others who are experiencing this, or what their work-around was.  I'm assuming I need to tweak my worksheet in some manner to get POWER to appear as a valid option, but I'm lost.


      Any information that would allow me to take my Power Trend Line skills from crane-style (lame!) to monkey style (hardcore!) would be appreciated.


      Lovingly yours,