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    Color the Month by Month Sale Dasboard by top rank Customer

    Joyce huang

      Version 10.3


      Use the Superstore  to create bar chart Month by Month change by Percentage. I want to Color the top 5 Customers in the  bar chart, so I can track the Top 5 customer changes over time.


      So I create Calculate field:  RankbyCustomer RANK(sum([Customer_Sale]))


      CASE [Select Customer Sale Rank]
      when 1 then [RankbyCustomer]>=1 and [RankbyCustomer]<=5
      when 2 then [RankbyCustomer]>=6 and [RankbyCustomer]<=10
      when 3 then [RankbyCustomer]>=11 and [RankbyCustomer]<=15



      I want to show 5 color in the each Month Bar.  But it didn't works I want, anyone has any idea how to achieve this?