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    Comparison of data on different rows to find Percentages

    Wendy Weber

      How to do a comparison of data by Employee ID for 2 different rows? I want to compare the first 2 rows for each employee where the flag =1 for the same employee with the same food item selected.   So for this scenario it would be 2 out of 5 people met this criteria.


      Employee #4 and employee #5 have their flag =1 for the same food item so 2 out of 5 employees or 40% of the employees prefer the same food now and later since Employee #4 selected Hamburgers for both choices and Employee #5 selected Ice cream for both choices.



      Question- when do
        you Prefer this?
      Ice CreamPizzaHamburgerFries
      1Now? 1
      2Now? 1
      Later? 1
      Later? 1
      4Now? 1
      Later? 1