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    Sankey Diagramm for MakeoverMonday

    Dilyana Suleymanova

      Hello Boys and Girls,


      I am trying to recreate this chart as a sankey chart: (See more info to this chart here: data.world )


      I found this video: SANKEY DIAGRAM TABLEAU - YouTube and created every step like in this video. But my sankey chart doesn't work.

      My Idea was that this chart I can recreate with two sankey charts:

      The first Sankey will show the flow from the age group: 18-12  to the group 36-44

      And the second one will show the flow between 36-44 and 65+ groups


      I tried to create a sankey for the first part (the flow between 18-24 and 36-44)

      What did I wrong?


      Thank you!