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    Creating a cohort bar chart

    Ryan Pesso

      I am trying to build a cohort bar chart that shows the year users opt-ed in to a email, and how we've retained them over time. I want each year that a user has opted in from 2003-2018 to be a color, so 2003 would be 1 solid color and 2018 would be 16 colors. The length/size of the partitioned bar represents how many users opted in in that colors year.


      Because this is a problem I am having at work, I can't post my workbook here. I can however give you as much detail about the data as possible.


      The only data I want to use for this is Opt-in-date, and user-key. I created a FIXED LOD that looks like this:


      My rows and columns looks like this:


      and i dragged my LOD calculation to color like this:


      My result is a bar graph that has each year as it's own color and nothing is aggregated. Each bar represents the opt -ins for that year only. I think i need a calculation that sums up the amount of opt-ins from the previous year plus current year (which i don't know how to do). So instead of having count of user key in column, possibly replace it with an aggregated calculation of user key.


      Is this enough information and am I making sense? The only metrics I need for this is the count of user_key and the only dimension is opt in date.


      Thanks for any help, it's greatly appreciated!