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    Cannot mix aggregate and Non-aggregate Comparison or result in Case Expressions

    vengadesh palani

      Hi ALL,

      How to Resolue following Issue



      Value_Slice_1 : IF [OEE (OEE)].[O1]>0 THEN [OEE (OEE)].[O1] ELSE 0 END

      Value_Slice_2 :IF [OEE (OEE)].[O1]>0 THEN 100-[OEE (OEE)].[O1] ELSE 100 END

      Value_Slice_3 :200

      Value_Slice_4 :IF [OEE (OEE)].[O1]<0 THEN 100+[OEE (OEE)].[O1] ELSE 100 END

      Value_Slice_5 : IF [OEE (OEE)].[O1]>0 THEN 0 ELSE 100-[OEE (OEE)].[O1] END