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    Split monthly data into daily data

    Kunal Arun Sonawane

      In our organization, forecasting is done on monthly buckets.

      But the forecast numbers are all stored on a single date i.e. first of the month.


      Example: If the forecast for the month of April is 1000, the Tableau field will show 1000 for 1st April and then 0 for 2nd April to 30th April.


      I need to split this data equally amongst all days of the month i.e. I need a field which will give me daily forecast for April as 33.33 per day.

      Can someone please help me with this ? I have attached sample worksheet.




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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          see the attached approach


          I broke it into pieces to make it easier to follow

          this is the number of days in the month



          and this is the daily average


          Finally this will fill in all the Null fields with the averager



          to make the viz you need to fill in all the dates with Show Missing Values then apply the third formula




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