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    Sheet Swap Problem - 1st chart remains in view when selecting next chart

    Teresa Wright

      I'm hoping someone in the Community can assist me with my "screen swap" problem.



      I place the 2nd chart inside the container as shown below.  I can see the "dotted line" that is necessary for the swap to work.



      screen shot 1.jpg


      The dashboard looks correct after adding the 2nd chart.

      screen shot 2.jpg


      However when I try to change the parameter to bring the 2nd chart into the view, the 1st chart remains. 


      screen shot 3.jpg


      Both worksheets are formatted identically.  What could I be doing wrong?  Does it have to do with setting up the container?  Or is it my worksheet that is causing this problem?


      screen shot 1.jpgscreen shot 2.jpg



      Thanks for any suggestions you may have!