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    How to display data point on pie chart?

    prashant gandhi

      Hi, I am very new to Tableau, tried to find out answer on this forum already but could not find any relevant thread so posting here. Thanks in advance.


      I am using tableau desktop. I have 2 pie charts side by side in the same worksheet. One displays Claims adjusted, other displays Claim processed based on EDI/Paper/Web submissions. The pie charts shows up well along with proportions of each EDI/Paper/Web slices. However, I want to show the data points for each pie chart. The problem is when I try to place the fields (TotalClaims and AdjustedClaims) in Marks-Label, both the data points shows up both the charts, which is wrong. Each pie chart should have its own datapoint displayed independent of other pie chart. This should be fairly straight forward, but I am not able to get it done. Any help is appreciated. Thanks again! Prashant-

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