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    Synchronize more than two axis into one like dual axis synchronization


      Hi All,


      I have a requirement where I need to make a dual axis gantt chart for showing the shift duration, asset duration. So I am using a dual axis and synchronizing into one. (I referred to this link for my dual axis gantt chart  Workbook: Dual Axis Gantt )

      But I  have an additional requirement where I need to display the alert as a symbol at the time at which it occurred. So I need a third axis where I can make use of shapes to show alert symbol. But how to synchronize 3 axis into one ??




      1. First axis- Gantt (shift start and end )

      2. Second axis- Gantt ( asset start and end )

      3. Third axis- Shapes (Alert start )


      Please help me with this as this is an urgent requirement from the customer.


      Kind Regards



      Please find the attached workbook