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    Complex Waterfall

    Sven Maier

      Hi there,


      I have several cost renters which I select via Filters. I would like to create a Waterfall with several "full length pillars" then a waterfall, totals, differences etc. as per attachment. Each of the column is an existing column in my source sheet, so no calculations required.


      Any idea?


      Thanks, SVM

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Sven,


          Can you share what you have tried with the community and where you are getting stuck or looking for assistance?   


          Thank you



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            Sven Maier

            Hi Patrick,


            where I struggle - and do not even know how to start - is to have several intermediate totals.


            I have added the excel waterfall to this reply which I would like to replicate in tableau:

            - Start with the sum of costs 2017

            - then the difference between sum 2017 and the operation plan 18

            - then the waterfall for the month in 2018

            - followed by the sum

            - then the difference between actuals per month and the operating plan

            - then the savings to get to the plan 19

            - then the plan 19 etc


            I can build a normal waterfall, i.e. the Jan - Dec 18 and the total, but I have no idea how to integrate the other totals and differences.


            Thanks, Sven

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              Shinichiro Murakami

              Hi Sven


              I am not quite sure this is your needs or not, anyways,


              I did two things.


              0, add header.





              1. to make date sort easier, change only date to date with yyyymm format.

                  Because with combining string value and date, Jan Feb etc, APR always come first...




              2. create calculate fields to differentiate bar height and size of gantt.







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                Darius Novak

                Hi Shin,


                Thanks for this it was a great help. Just got wondering would there be any workaround if we would not have "Kostenbasis field"  I have noticed that it works like running total, but I cannot get it to work properly ie start from 0.
                Would you have any idea how to achieve this result without mentioned field?