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    Creating 100-index from a selected period (grand total)

    Geert Brouwer



      Goal of the sheet is to bin/group the revenue on the movement based on a start and end period.

      So I know if the revenue if looked to the 2 selected periods is started, ended, little price increase (index), etc.


      So first I created several parameters to selected the start en end period for the comparison.

      This works fine...


      I only can't figure out how I can make the figures also as a 100-index.

      So as the starting point is FEB17... He creates 100-INDEX in FEB17 grand total. Al other fields/periods are now related to the grand total of FEB17.


      Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 21.16.45.png


      I have search and tried several methods... only I don't see the solution.

      Who can help me?


      Kind regards,