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    Creating Summary Table


      Hello, relatively new to Tableau and hoping to get some help with a summary table I am trying to create. I have marketing data by categorized by marketing category and if an employee has been with the company for 3+ years. I think this might require a calculated field, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I am able to get it into the following form, but want to get it into a more concise form without showing percentages instead. Any help would be appreciated!


      Current Form:


      Desired Form:

      Audio/Video Equipment     2/3

      Home Appliances               1/3

      Software                             1/3

      Grand Total                        4/9 

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          Kaushik Dutta

          Hi @Ce Lin


          Here is the solution attached. Now the steps to achieve this :-


          Step 1. Create a calculated Field


          IF [3+ years]='yes' THEN 1



          Step 2. Drag below measures to the Text shelf


          Number of Records


          Step 3. Click on the Text tab marked yellow and put this code---->   <SUM(_Employee(3+) )>/<SUM(Number of Records)>


          Step 4. Go to Analysis on the top menu bar---->Totals---->Show Column Grand Total.



          Please make sure to commit this thread as correct if this is what you required or else if you still face some issue in that case let me know.




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            Kaushik Dutta

            Please select the standard worksheet marked yellow in the below pic. Here is your desired output in tableau circled red.


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              That answers the question if I'm only looking to use the one measure on the table. However, when I add additional measures (say sales) it reverts and I can't edit it again to the same format. Can you help with that?