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    need to create BACK button in my Dashboard

    Muhammad Kamal

      Dear All,


      I have a Workbook contains many Dashboards "one is main, others are sub", I need to create a Back button from all sub Dashboards to navigate back to the previous Dashboard, but my issue is the there are many paths can led to same sub dashboard, so I can't create the Back button to a specific Dashboard, instead I need to know from which Dashboard I navigated here, let me explain more:


      let's say that main dashboard is "M", and I have 2 other subs "S1 & S2", I'm allowing users to navigate from "M" to "S1" and "S2" using Actions, also from "S1" to "S2" navigation is allowed using another Actions, so now in "S2" Dashboard I can create Back button, but to which Dashboard ?? M or S1 ??


      I hope I explained my scenario clearly, thanks in advance

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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Ahmad,


          You can decide the Home dashboard first. if you want to go with S2 to "M" directly then create action in s2 dashboard and target  "M" dashboard.

          else want to go S2 to S1 then create action in S2 Dashboard and add target as S1.




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            Muhammad Kamal

            Thanks for the reply, but let me explain more,


            during runtime of this Tableau Workbook, when the user finally land on Dashboard "S2", there's a possibility that he landed here navigated from Dashboard "M" or from "S1", so as a Developer/Designer I need a way to know this information for sure, then I can design my Back button in Dashboard "S2" to direct him exactly to his previous step, and I don't want to put 2 Back buttons, I need only one but clever enough to direct him back to the right Dashboard,


            is this more clear now ?