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    How to create a dual Y-axis & dual X-axis combination chart?

    Siew Li Teng

      Hi Tableau Community,


      I am fairly new to Tableau and do not have much training in Desktop.


      In the following view, I am trying to accomplish 3 things:

      1) To merge the Service Start Date and Service End Date on the same axis

      2) To display the trend line for both "No. of Adds" and "No. of Churn" measures in the same view

      3) To create a bar chart (in the same view) that calculates the difference between "No. of Adds" and "No. of Churn" for the same period.


      The challenge I'm facing is this:

      1) I am working with 2 different date columns in the same data source with inconsistent time period. I do not want to achieve this using Custom SQL due to the rigidity of the fields & the extremely huge dataset that I'll be working with.

      2) I do not want the "No. of Churn" line to show in the line chart on the left-hand side (below).


      Please advise how I can accomplish the 3 things (mentioned above) in the same view.

      Thank you in advance.